Happy Resurrection Morning! Worship Service

Dear Rock Tribe, Family, Friends,

Please join us for live worship today. If you can’t do that, I have attached the worship songs and order of worship. I think you will find each element tremendously helpful.
We are continuing to focus on seeing and sensing the presence of Jesus every day. This is how we gain access to the resurrection power of the Holy Spirit.

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With Father’s Love, Affection, Joy

Rock Laramie Resurrection Worship Sunday April 17, 2022

Theme: Jesus, I see you and receive your resurrection power!

Resurrection Medley #1: Start at 9:15 am

Resurrection Medley #2: Start right after #1

Wordship Song #1: Resurrecting

Worship Song #2: Come Out of that Grave (Resurrection Power) Lyrics – Bethel Music feat. Brandon Lake

Worship Song #3: Hallelujah

Offering Prayer:

Resurrection Story: Luke 24: 1-49• The disciples were in unbelief…heart eyes could not see. There is a fight of faith.• The disciple’s eyes were open and they saw Jesus, just like we can see him today and every day. Ephesians 1:18• They and we now have access to the resurrected Jesus and all His power. (Romans 8:11; Ephesians 1:18-20)

Worship Song #4: Raise A Hallelujah – Bethel Music

Communion Preparation:

Worship Song #5: I Can See (The Emmaus Road) by Steve Green with lyrics

Practicing the Presence of Jesus – opening the eyes of our hearts.• Golden memory of Jesus with gratitude.• Come out of the courtroom: Give mercy & grace for yourself and others.• See and sense His Holy Spirit’s presence right now.

We take communion:

Worship Song #6 – Playing while taking communion: In The Breaking of the Bread

LYRICS Vs. 1 In the walking on the road we saw Him. In the telling of our hopes, we saw him. In the burning of our hearts, we saw the Lord. At the meal he took the bread and then he blessed it, broke it, offered it. In the breaking of the bread we saw him! Suddenly our eyes were opened, and we knew He was alive!

Vs. 3 But then we became afraid without Him, in the darkened room we stayed without him, waiting for the one he said that he would send. Then the Spirit of the Lord came down upon us, filling us, changing us. Giving us the strength to say “we saw him!” Suddenly our eyes were opened, and we knew he was alive! We ran out into the street to tell them, everyone that we could meet to tell them, “God has raised him up and we have seen the Lord!”. We took bread as he had done and then we blessed it, broke it, offered it. In the breaking of the bread, we saw him! Suddenly our eyes were opened! There within our midst was Jesus, and we knew he was alive! In the breaking of the bread, He is here with us again, and we know he is alive! Alleluia!

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Benediction & Blessings