Introduction and Overview:

Our ultimate value is to bring God’s glory. Therefore, we want to be absolutely sure that our motives and methods are pleasing to God.

We believe that God is moving on the hearts of many followers of Christ, inspiring them to devote their lives to fight for the authentic kind of Christianity they read about in the Bible. They have heard a “sound” from heaven, and received a vision in their hearts for a kingdom reality that can be experienced on earth. Loving and ministering with people of like passion from around the world, builds our faith and results in high-level kingdom impact.

We are called to facilitate a relational connection among those with the same values, vision, culture, and general strategies. We are also called to help equip, resource, and mobilize the body of Christ to carry out three general assignments:

  1. Help revitalize and reform existing churches,
  2. Help start new Missional Kingdom Families, Local Churches, and Kingdom-advancing Ministries,
  3. Help transform cities, regions, and nations in partnership with the whole church.

We know that there are many people who are faithful members of local churches, denominations, and ministries who would also like to be a part of a spiritual family that functions as a catalyst and resource for the kingdom purposes mentioned above. Others are without a spiritual family and want to connect with a people who love God with all their hearts and can help them advance the kingdom in their community.

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