How to Build a Micro-Church (Kingdom Family)

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A video mini-course featuring Dr. Tim Johns and Pr. Joshua Horack.

Kingdom Families (Micro-Churches) are small family-communities of Christ-followers who have connected their lives together for the purpose of loving God and reaching others with the gospel.

A Kingdom Family is centered around the Person and Purpose of Jesus Christ, and led by qualified leaders. Each person is helped to be a true disciple of Christ in the 5 C’s: Christ, Community, Character, Calling, and Competence.  All Families are inter-connected with other Families and a part of a local congregation led by biblical elders. Each local congregation is a part of a family-of-churches we call an “apostolic tribe” under the Lordship of Christ and led by five-fold ministry teams made up of apostles, prophets, teachers, evangelists, and pastors.

Kingdom Families are a spiritual family – people connected covenantally heart-to-heart around Christ in order to advance His kingdom.  I Cor. 4:15-17; Eph. 3:14

  • Kingdom Families are a group of friends unified around Christ’s love and mission.  Mt. 11:19; Jn. 15:12-17
  • Kingdom Families are a healing community that prays for the sick, counsels the confused, carries out inner healing, sets people free from curses and demonic bondage, and creates such an atmosphere of acceptance and love that rejection and insecurities are displaced automatically over time. James 5:16; Matt. 10:1,8
  • Kingdom Families are a training and equipping center, a safe setting for people to practice leadership, management, preaching, teaching, creative ministry, spiritual gifts, and all forms of servanthood.  Matt. 28:18-20
  • Kingdom Families are a missionary team and spiritual army – a flexible, spontaneous, organized platoon capable of reaching those who do not follow Christ and are not in a spiritual family.  They are dedicated to seeking and saving the lost, delivering people from demonic bondage, doing justice, and serving youth , poor, widow, orphan, and alien. Lk. 19:10; Eph. 6:10-18
  • Kingdom Families are a lifestyle of deep, intentional, meaningful relationships that connect any time and place with an ultimate goal to reach lost people, and transform communities through Christ and the kingdom of God.  Acts 2:42-47, 4:32-35.