“Glory Clouds” Appear Over The Rock International Mission Base During Dedication

On June 6, 2006, the Rock International family gathered together at its mission base in the inner-city of Kansas City to reaffirm our commitment to expanding God’s glory and kingdom in the nations. After spending time worshipping God, we declared again our values, vision, and mission. Then we dedicated our properties to be used by God. First, we walked around the properties spreading salt and declaring “we are the salt of the earth”, asking God for the grace to do so. Second, we repented for any sin committed on the properties in the past and asked God to cover all sin (broken covenants) with His blood. To symbolize the cleansing of Christ’s blood for the forgiveness of all sin, we tossed balloons filled with wine upon the roof of each building. Third, we asked God to fill us with His Holy Spirit, to bless our mission base with His manifest presence. We prayed for a mighty outpouring of the Holy Spirit, so that we could go into all the world, preaching and demonstrating the gospel, and making disciples who make disciples. To symbolize our desire to be fully led and empowered by the Holy Spirit, we filled balloons with oil and flung them on all the properties.

When we started our dedication, the sky was clear. During our worship and prayers, while we were walking around the properties proclaiming out-loud prophetic blessings over the properties and our purpose, small clouds started forming in the East. The size of the clouds rapidly grew into massive clouds and then began drifting West back toward us!  This is not a normal weather pattern in the Midwest.  Soon, these huge clouds were hovering over the Rock International Mission Base. They appeared to us as “glory clouds”, and as a confirming sign and wonder in the heavens of God’s love, blessing, and endorsement for His glory and kingdom-expanding mandate given to the Rock “Tribe”.

Mano Boussuge noted that June 6th was D-Day. This was the day of the most strategic and important battle of World War II.  Thousands of allied troops stormed the beaches of France, an invasion of Europe in order to defeat the Nazi German army.  Mano noted that it took the lives of thousands of soldiers to establish a new beachhead. The victorious invasion of the allied forces launched on D-Day, June 6, was the clear turning point in the war. We had not deliberately planned our dedication on the same day as D-Day. However, we believe it was not a coincidence. God was trying to tell us that it would take the lives of many to launch a revival and reformation of the church which results in the kingdom transformation of cities, regions, and even nations.

A few days later, the Rock International family held a gathering of leaders from the USA and other nations at the their mission base to better prepare themselves as a church-planting and missionary movement.  God met us powerfully in that strategic time of apostolic equipping. Click here for more pictures of this event!