Assessing One’s Level of Maturity in the Kingdom: A Key Step in Making Disciples

The Rock Tribe is called to be a disciple-making movement in the context of high quality relationships – i.e. family/tribe. DNA Groups are a main relational discipleship strategy along with MKF’s.  Our vision is to establish a cradle-to-grave disciple-making culture and strategy that helps us individually and corporately become like Christ and to effectively advance Christ’s kingdom in our cities. This means that understanding how to help people grow and mature in every area of life is a big deal. Imagine starting with infants…on up…and being able to train each person in relational and emotional intelligence, family life, life skills, finances, fitness & health, interacting with land, nature, wilderness, business, arts, media…and so on.
We are focusing on this kingdom dynamic of being disciples and making disciples of Christ. Making a disciple involves helping someone mature into Christ’s likeness in every area of life. The three main places we grow:
1.) On the inside..mind, heart, body, soul, spirit…and includes our relationship with the indwelling well as our relationship with ourself. Do we operate in the revelation of sonship? Is God our loving Father as a way of life?
2.) Between – in our relationships with others. Our relational and emotional maturity. Loving people well is a primary indicator of spiritual maturity.
3.) Outside – accepting responsibilities in the kingdom of God. It involves how competent we are at ruling and reigning in life, how effective we are at advancing Christ’s kingdom on earth.  Godly leadership and management in all 5 kingdom jurisdictions is key. We are talking about effective stewardship of life in the kingdom.
When you are making a disciple, life coaching, it is important to be able to assess where you and others are at in all areas of life. Taking inventory is part of knowing where we are…so we can get to where we want to go. Building a life in the kingdom involves the same dynamics as building a house…. the foundations and the support structures need to be in place and according to code.
So we are going to encourage you to go on the journey of taking inventory. I am going to give you a number of simple tools that will help you do this. Attached are some of the tools we will use.
These assessment tools will help you determine where you and others are at in the areas of relational and emotional maturity and in other categories. There are five stages of maturity in the Word of God. Another assessment tool focuses on the 5 C’s: Christ, Community, Character, Calling, Competency.
I will also be giving you assessment tools that will help you and others 1. set faith goals, 2. know your spiritual gifts, 3. get an idea of the kind of temperament or personality type you are….etc.

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