Rock Tribe Discipleship Assessment

We are passionate about the Great Commission – making disciples of Christ who make disciples in the context of spiritual family. God has made it very clear we are to be a “cradle-to-grave holistic, comprehensive disciple-making movement that trains people to be like Christ relationally in DNA Groups, MKF’s, Local Congregations, and Jesus Tribes”. Every relational setting is essential as a catalyst for healing and maturing in Christ. All of this is supernatural and can only be done by the grace of God and the empowerment which comes from the indwelling Christ and the Holy Spirit.
We are on a mission to find those who want to rigorously love and follow Christ and help others do the same. Christ and the Reclaiming of Christ’s Kingdom on earth is what we are about…with one person, one neighborhood, one city, one nation at a time.
The Lord gave us a word to “rally the tribe”. We believe the application is to be far more intentional, clear, focused, and unified around who we are and what we are called to do. We are experiencing a great deal of clarity and passion along with spiritual revival and reformation fire! Glory to God…thank you Jesus!
So we are in an extensive season of “rallying the tribe” and sending out a crystal clear sound from heaven…so that we can all grow into Christ’s likeness and help others do the same. The first Sunday of each month we are asking each location to watch the live stream teaching that is being done in Laramie WY. That Youtube Live Streaming starts at 9:15 am (Pacific), 10:15 am (Mountain), 11:15 am (Central), 12:15 pm (Eastern).
Today, we will be learning how to grow by assessing where we are at on our journey as disciples. If we don’t know where we are, it will be impossible to know how to get where we are going. Read attached articles.
The main handout we will be using today is the “Rock Tribe Discipleship Assessment”. The other “tools” will help you to understand the Big Why of how we are wanting to help you become a vibrant follower of Christ..and to do this with others as well.
With Father’s Love, Affection, and Joy,
Tim Johns

Click on the links below to download the assessment tools and articles:


Living From The Heart Jesus Gave You

Maturity Skills Assessment PDF

RARE Leadership Assessment

Rock Tribe Discipleship Assessment PDF

Simplified 5C Indicators PDF