Sermons on Discipleship

Rock Tribe Discipleship Assessment

We are passionate about the Great Commission – making disciples of Christ who make disciples in the context of spiritual family. God has made it very clear we are to be a “cradle-to-grave holistic, comprehensive disciple-making movement that trains people to be like Christ relationally in DNA Groups, MKF’s, Local Congregations, and Jesus Tribes”. Every… Read More

Assessing One’s Level of Maturity in the Kingdom: A Key Step in Making Disciples

The Rock Tribe is called to be a disciple-making movement in the context of high quality relationships – i.e. family/tribe. DNA Groups are a main relational discipleship strategy along with MKF’s.  Our vision is to establish a cradle-to-grave disciple-making culture and strategy that helps us individually and corporately become like Christ and to effectively advance… Read More